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John Gump

The Drummer

John Gump is not exactly a "punk". But he does have a solid claim to punk authenticity, having been a part of the Minneapolis Hardcore scene in the early 1980s.

John played in the first incarnation of the Blu Hippos from 1980 to 1982, leading off for bands like the Replacements, the Hipstyrz, Hüsker Du, and Fear, long before rock journalists had decided that these bands were cool.

Memories of the fear and alienation that characterized these years fuel the performances that these loops are culled from. To reinforce these memories, John has re-immersed himself in the music of the early hardcore era, finding a source of strength in its reckless breakneck minimalism. To complete his Stanislavski-esque regimen of recreated authenticity, John even made himself wait, in the middle of the night, in insanely cold conditions and wearing stupidly inadequate clothing, to catch a bus in downtown Minneapolis, just to make the memories of the time more vivid (though he drew the line at actually bringing his drums on to the bus; some experiences, apparently, do not bear being relived).

This obsessive attention to detail is what allows John to bring such emotional authenticity to his channelings of the many different strains of the global punk aesthetic, from Hermosa Beach, California to Stoke-on-Trent in the UK.

Plus he is a really awesome drummer, with a painfully powerful kick and snare, a vast knowledge of rhythm, and listening skills that few others can match. And this isn't John's first venture into making drum loops. He owned the now defunct Real Music Media web site, where he released many different loop packages and sampled instruments (which can be found here); and he has had work commissioned by companies like Impact Soundworks and Music Tech Magazine.